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We are indebted to subscriber Jim Shanley for word of an organization called Bahamas Home Rentals (*) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a 20-year-old cooperative that represents owners of more than 100 properties throughout the Bahamas, ranging from simple cottages to private islands. Shanley mentioned the organization in an Angler Network report about some bonefishing he did in February 1995 on the island of Eleuthera with a guide by the name of Alfred McKinney (*). He has some reservations about McKinney, incidentally, especially his lack of commitment to catch-and-release, which you can read about in his report. But back to Bahamas Home Rentals….

Our own checking reveals that the manager of the cooperative is Virginia Wellman, who owns a private island in the Exuma/Long Island area. She seems to be quite knowledgeable about the bonefishing potential of the various properties in the cooperative and made a good case for simply renting a Bahamas Home Rental property rather than booking a regular lodge-type trip or staying in a hotel, especially if your schedule permits an extended stay in the islands.

The properties are far too numerous to list and too varied to describe in general terms. Suffice it to say they range from as low as $425 per week for a one-bedroom condo on Grand Bahama up to places that can only be described as "grand." – Don Causey.

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