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Continuing subscribers know we have developed a rich little soup of information about bonefishing in Bermuda, most of it provided by subscribers. The bottomline in all of our reports about Bermuda is, don’t go there expecting world-class bonefishing. The number of flats available is limited and the fish themselves are notoriously skittish.

That said, it is worth noting that we have just received another subscriber report about bonefishing in Bermuda. It’s from subscriber J. Roy Smith of Oklahoma City, who just got back from a business trip to Bermuda. He writes: "I took my fly gear on a recent business trip to Bermuda, but found the weather was too cool, rainy and windy to permit fishing. I did manage to turn up a bit of information about fishing in Bermuda that may interest fellow subscribers.

"For starters, I recommend the Elbow Beach Hotel (*). The manager of the hotel’s restaurant is an affable Italian by the name of Gioacchino DiMeglio, who happens to be a fairly knowledgeable fisherman. I also met and talked with a fly fishing guide by the name of James "Jamie" Pearman (*). He’s young and friendly, and he works out of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. I checked him out at a place called Fly Bridge Tackle Shop (*) in Hamilton. The owner, whose last name is Smith, said Jamie is the best fly fishing guide on the island…."

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