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When I originally agreed to write this report on a new outfitter in Cabo San Lucas, I was scheduled to check the place out in person. For various reasons, that trip had to be cancelled, so what follows is a general review of the place based on second-hand information. I’ll file an on-site report later this year.

In the meantime, that does not mean the following is based on rumors and the opinions of uninformed anglers. My feedback on Baja Anglers (*) (that is the name of the new outfit) comes from authorities such as Gary Loomis, president of the rod company, and renowned Florida anglers, Stu Apte and Rick Murphy. They give the outfitter group high marks and assure me their services are up to Angling Report standards.

Baja Anglers is a combined effort of two parties. First is Scottsdale businessman and avid angler, Dan Dreyer. He has teamed up with Wendy and Terry Gunn of Lee’s Ferry Anglers, the trout guiding service on the Colorado River in Arizona. The Gunns also hold 11 current or past world salt water records. Together with an on-site manager in Cabo San Lucas, Baja Anglers’ focus is fly and light tackle fishing for jacks, tunas, roosterfish, dorado, mackerel, bonito and billfish such as sailfish and marlin. Shark fishing is another option; some guests have been looking for mako shark records recently. There are dorado here in the 60 to 80-pound class, but get prepared to be frustrated by having 30 to 40-pounders grab your fly first.

As for best times, dorado peak out from around March through January. Roosterfish hit best between late February and the end of November. Striped marlin hang around all year, while sailfish tend to move in from about March through mid-November.

The fishing is done from 22 and 26-foot catamarans powered by either twin 90’s or 150’s. These craft are a quantum leap ahead of the native pangas widely used in Baja. The boats were built in the Seattle area, and they smooth out rough water while getting you to the hot fishing faster. Rick Murphy told me he wished he had a dollar for every time he and Apte praised the boats, noting they handled well and were comfortable.

The fishing day begins at 6 a.m. and ends at around 2 p.m.. Anglers can opt to book an afternoon of fishing as well, which usually lasts from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m.. The type of fishing varies, but the most common method is chumming or trolling the surfline with hookless baits to bring out roosterfish and other species where they can be cast to. Sometimes the teasers themselves are cast. Fishing for billfish is usually done by trolling hookless lures or natural baits.

Baja Anglers currently offers four packages, cost based on whether you stay at the perfectly acceptable Las Glorias Hotel downtown (within walking distance of the boats), or in condos of varying glitz 15 minutes or more away. If you opt for the condos, you’ll need to take a taxi to and from the boats. (Baja Anglers was offering a comp car between town and the condos, but the taxi drivers became vexed.) Or, the outfitter can arrange a rental car for you.

Here’s how the fishing packages break down: All include pick-up at the airport and four days’ fishing. All are based on two anglers. The Baja Special is $1,125 per angler and includes five nights’ hotel accommodations. The Cabo Special is $1,380 per angler. It includes five nights in a deluxe condo with full kitchen and an angler service representative on call. The Bluewater at $1,800 per angler includes five nights in a beach-front condo, breakfast foods, private cook one evening, an angler service representative for all party members, plus non-fishing spouse or companion is free. The Surf & Turf is $3,200 per angler, includes four days fishing and two days of golf. You get seven nights in a luxury beach-front condo, complimentary breakfast foods, private cook for two nights and an angler service representative available to all party members. Non-fishing spouse or companion is free.

Baja Anglers is flexible when it comes to their packages. For example, some recent guests were able to custom-tailor a package that included three instead of four days of fishing, plus a quick flight up the coast to the Bahia Asuncion area to watch whale mating. Fishing can even be booked on a per-day basis, subject to availability. Eight hours from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. cost $350 per boat with up to two people fishing. The afternoon fishing costs $180 per boat. The outfitters also rent all the tackle you’ll need. If you like the tackle you use, you can purchase it afterward. The rental fee goes towards purchase. Baja Anglers operates its own tackle shop and prices are very good.

Most clients fly into the Los Cabos Airport, and the ride to town is less than 20 miles. Cabo San Lucas has wonderful drives, beaches and the downtown night life. – Jerry Gibbs.

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