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Here at The Angling Report, we feel lucky to have been able to let subscribers know about what a few of you have called “…the best trout stream in North America,” namely the Soque River in northern Georgia. The trout in this river include some absolutely huge rainbows, many in the double digits pound-wise. These fish are native, not stocked, though they are occasionally fed by the owners of various stretches of the Soque, including Brigadoon, which subscriber Elmer E. Normandin first told us about in his November 1996 Honor Roll Report (see pages 1-4).

We recently heard from two more subscribers about other opportunities on the Soque near Clarkesville, about which we will have more to say in a moment. First, though, the big news here is that several parcels of streamside property and stream-fishing rights are now up for sale. One of those is a 1 1/2-mile stretch of river just below Brigadoon. The property itself is 40-some acres on a bluff overlooking the river, on which sits a huge home. The asking price is $800,000. For more information on the property, and others in the area, you can call a fishing trip consultant and Angling Report subscriber out of Marietta, Georgia named Ron Hickman (*). He tells us he is not a real estate agent, but he knows the local players well and can put in a word for an interested out-of-towner.

As regards the other two opportunities on the Soque mentioned above, the first is at a 1 1/2-mile stretch about a mile upstream from Brigadoon called Blackhawk Trout Stream (*). Angling Report subscriber Tony Spiva fished here this past May 5 and caught trout as large as 25 inches. The daily fishing rate is $150 per day per angler…. The other spot is a 1/2-mile stretch about three miles upstream from Brigadoon called Riverside that is owned by Jimmy Sutton (*). Subscriber Rob Landham says he has fished here five times and has “…never been disappointed,” giving the cost of the fishing as $150 per day per angler, with a minimum of two and a maximum of four in a fishing party. – Elaina Panozzo.

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