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Raconteur extraordinaire and sometime correspondent Bill Stroh tells us there is a new fly shop in famed Boca Grande, Florida. He writes: "Boca Grande seems to be finally coming into its own as a fly fishing destination. This west coast area south of Tampa has long been known for big tarpon, of course, but not as a major place to fly fish for them. That began to change during the mid-1970s when guide Phil O’Bannon started fly fishing for them along the beaches. Now, others are doing so and Boca Grande is becoming a recognized place for fly rod enthusiasts to take big tarpon during the spring and summer months. This area also supports a large number of redfish, snook and trout, which provides excellent fly fishing action.

"The latest development here is the birth of a full-service fly shop. It’s called Boca Grande Outfitters (*), and it is owned and operated by Capt. Zeke Sieglaff and his wife, Tori. The place opened November 1 and is stocked with the best in terms of rods, reels, kayaks, clothing, fly tying materials – you name it, they got it. The store is also equipped to help the traveling angler book the best local guides and trips around the country and the world, through the shop’s association with Capt. Phil O’Bannon and Associates."

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