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One of the biggest news events of the month is a change in the way fishing will be handled in future years on the famed Rio Grande River in Argentina. As many Angling Report subscribers know, this river is the best place in the world to catch magnificent sea-run browns. Frontiers (*) has been at the forefront of this fishing for many years, offering one of the most exquisite and expensive land/fishing packages in the world through Kau Tapen Lodge. A week-long stay at Kau Tapen costs approximately $6,300, but the cost has not deterred a steady stream of customers from booking the lodge to capacity.

Other fishing packages have been available for many years on the Rio Grande, but none has been quite as deluxe and well received as the one offered through Kau Tapen Lodge, at least in part because it offered easy access to the best pools at the best times. Now, in a complex maneuver, the fishing on the river is going to be divided in a different fashion. The major player is an Argentinean by the name of Danny Lajous, who has contracted for the exclusive use of nearly 70 percent of the most sought after portion of the Rio Grande. As this is written, he is gearing up to expand his program of trips, which he will be offering directly and through The Fly Shop (*). He also has plans to create a new lodge of his own on the river.

We will have a more detailed report on who has what in next month’s issue. In the meantime, if you have been eyeing a trip to the Rio Grande and you haven’t been able to find space, or at least the kind of trip package you wanted, now is the time to get back in touch with your booking agent. Some rich, new possibilities have been opened up. – Don Causey.

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