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[] Founding Editor Don Causey sent along the following note near press time. You can reach Don Causey these days via his personal email address: [email protected] Enjoy!

David Lambroughton knows more about fishing in New Zealand than anyone I know, so I always take notice when he checks in with word of a new place, or new development, in that part of the world. Witness this note about a wonderfully well-located fishing cottage he just found:

After coming down to New Zealand for almost 40 years and mostly for full seasons, I can see how organizing a New Zealand trip can be a bit daunting for the uninitiated, with all the choices of lodges, guides, itineraries, costs, etc. But for my fishing gang and me, we have long ago evolved into simply renting cottages on great rivers or near a bunch of them. This not only saves us tons of money and all the packing and unpacking between trying to make too many stops, it also gives us lots more time on the waters, including evening hatches, plus a tank of gas can last all week. We simply load up the refrigerator with great food and usually park ourselves in one place for a week, or sometimes considerably longer.

This past summer I found another one that I think is perfectly situated. It’s located in the middle reaches of the Mataura River on a farm station and it’s a river hard not to love—miles and miles of water, easy wading, no sandflies, and lots of mayfly and caddis hatches to enjoy. When you turn the rocks over in the riffles, they are seething with bugs. It’s the kind of fishing I love best. . The fish are beautiful and generally run from three to four pounds, with a few larger ones in the mix as well. The fish-per-mile ratio is one of the highest in the country. And not only are they easy to spot, they are also pletiful enough to make fishing blind in the riffles quite worthwhile, especially in the lower summer flows. There are also other nearby rivers and streams of note in the area within a very short drive.

The owners of the station are Ray and Denise Keown, and they are as nice as people get. For two people they charge $300 US a day (or $200 for one). For this, you get the cottage, access across their paddocks to the river, all your meals, internet, and a car shuttle so you can avoid the long walk back at the end of the day. Also, if you’d like to look after your own meals and cooking, the price drops substantially. They are quite flexible and helpful. To contact them it’s [email protected] or by phone: 64-3-201-6490. They’re about a two-hour scenic drive from the Queenstown Airport and car rentals. It’s a great place to experience real country life in New Zealand.

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