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Hosted trips aren’t for everyone. In a world where just about everyone of celebrity in fly fishing is doing them, if often leaves one thinking Who cares? What benefit is there to me going on a hosted trip? For years, I felt the same way. I struggled to find the value in most of these trips, and if often seemed like the only reason for their existence was for the host to get a free trip or a kick-back, and most seem to hardly add any value to the trip. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to share a trout stream with Gierach, or stick a few tarpon with Flip Pallot at the helm, but the onslaught of trips by fly-by-night Instagram personalities left a bad taste in my mouth. That is, until my recent trip to Louisiana hosted by Brian O’keefe (See story HERE).

Truth be told, I wasn’t aware that Brian was even hosting trips when we made our arrangements. We had met the previous year at the Eleven Angling booth at the Atlanta Fly Fishing Show and started making plans from there. It wasn’t until after I published my report from the trip, that I learned about his hosted trip itinerary. That’s probably because we were too focused on the fishing and good times to stop and talk shop. In hindsight, I realized that not only had I been on a hosted trip, but that it was a big part of  why the trip was so phenomenal.

I got to fish with Brian twice on our trip, he entertained a barrage of photography how-to questions, and we spent countless hours at the bar and dinner table having a laugh, and in all that time I was never aware I was being “hosted.” I could name off the accolades and personal conquests of Brian’s, but there’s no need. He’s not that kind of guy, nor that kind of host. There’s no ego or ostentatiousness; just a good time to be had. I could paraphrase a few of his wilder stories, or share a few photos of us goofing off or hooked into some world-class fish, but it’s just one of those “You should have been there,” things. What I will say is that it was a memorable trip, and one that I would highly recommend to others.  Whether your an aspiring shutterbug, an angler looking for a good time, or if you just like the added benefits of having someone to help iron out the details for a trip, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better host. – Seth Fields, Editor

Brian will be hosting trips to Eleven Angling Destinations in Chile, the Bahamas, the Everglades, Louisiana and more. Here is was Eleven Angling has to say about his hosted trips:

Experience the ultimate hosted angling trip with professional photographer, Brian O’Keefe. Throughout the 2019-2020 season, Brian will be hosting a limited series of all inclusive trips across Eleven Angling’s owned and operated collection of global angling destinations. At each of these destinations, Brian will be sharing fly casting tips and teaching techniques for fly fishing photography.


There are not very many people, that wave a fly rod around, who have been as involved in the many aspects of fly fishing as Brian O’Keefe. Brian published his first fly fishing photo at the age of 16. Since then, he has been a contributor to every fly fishing magazine, plus Outdoor Life, Field and Stream, Outside, USA Today and dozens more. Brian worked in fly shops and guided the Northwest and Alaska in his 20’s. After that, and for over twenty years, Brian worked as a fly fishing tackle sales rep in the Pacific Northwest, the Northern Rockies and Alaska, for companies like Patagonia, Simms, Orvis, Scientific Angler, Umpqua, Scott Rods and others. Brian is a frequent presenter at fly fishing clubs across the country and a fly casting instructor at fly fishing shows, with a specialty in distance casting. As a host, Brian offers a lifetime of international travel experience, one-on-one casting instruction, and fly fishing photography workshops.

To learn more or to book a trip with Brian O’Keefe, contact Eleven Angling at 1-800-903-7761 (TOLL-FREE) or email  Steven Vletas at [email protected].


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