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All about Our Free Fishing Program

The Angling Report has always valued feedback from its subscribers. And the reasons are clear. For one thing, Angling Report subscribers are some of the world’s most experienced fishermen. Hence, their judgments about fishing destinations are broad based and sound. And our subscribers’ insights are refreshingly candid. That’s because they are written from a point of view that no other publication embodies—namely, the paying client’s point of view.

So here’s the deal. We encourage lodge owners, guides, and others to offer us FREE visits to their facilities with the understanding that we will turn these invitations over to Angling Report subscribers who convince us that they are capable of writing useful and accurate reports about their experience. More than 100 subscribers have been invited on FREE fishing trips here in the United States and to foreign destinations such as Argentina, Christmas Island, Brazil, and Mexico. The total value of all that travel is in the many hundreds of thousands of dollars. And the good news is that more outfitters are offering us FREE trips in return for reviews.

If you want to get in on this opportunity, all you have to do is upgrade your subscription to Online Extra. We always give the nod to the most experienced subscribers with the most relevant experience. No favoritism of any sort is shown. Sound like fun? Well, what are you waiting for? Sign up for Online Extra right now and get on the list of subscribers invited to go fishing for free. The easiest way to sign up is by going to our website: https://anglingreport.com/online-extra/