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  • Terry and Wendy Gunn, Lees Ferry Anglers
    United States, Arizona
  • Condition of Equipment:
  • Quality of Accommodation:
  • Quality of Food:
  • General Fishing Knowledge:
  • Quality of Service:
  • Highlights of the Trip:
    The early morning ride up the river as the sun rises is always an extraordinary experience. My sons and I have been fishing there each spring break for 13 years and the Canyon is still unique and the fishing special. We saw condors, an osprey snatch a fish from the river. The food in the restaurant at Cliff Dwellers lodge is exceptional. Many clients of other small lodges in the area came to Cliff Dwellers to eat. Cliff Dwellers is owned by Terry and Wendy Gunn, Jeff English, our guide, is one of many quality guides they have. He not only knows the river and successful flies, but enjoys working with anglers to assure them the type of fishing they enjoy and their success.
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