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  • Mike Sanders, Alaska West.
    United States, Alaska
  • Condition of Equipment:
  • Quality of Accommodation:
  • Quality of Food:
  • General Fishing Knowledge:
  • Quality of Service:
  • Highlights of the Trip:
    The entire experience was a highlight, but a few of the things the boys have commented on: the small plane flight into and out of Quinhagak because the plane flew low and we saw lots of wildlife, buzzed the camp and landed on a gravel runway - the acrobatics and strength, as well as the constant availability of silver salmon - the unique beauty of leopard rainbows as well as the spot and stalk strategy used to target them - the fun of catching tons of dolly vardon - seeing the complete life cycle of salmon from fresh in from the ocean to death and being eaten by other fish or wildlife - the friendliness of not only the staff, but the other anglers toward our sons - quality and variety of dinner - having a silver salmon shore lunch each day on the river - the numerous times we had a "triple" with all of us battling fish at the same time. Having the three of us fish with one guide was our choice. Alaska West was very willing to have one of us fish with another guide to keep their 2:1 ratio, but we wanted to fish each day together. It did not negatively affect the fishing in any fashion. The day's guide just had to hustle a lot from person to person with the landing net. Again, they all seemed to enjoy working with the kids and sharing in their excitement. There were other special moments too numerous to mention. I worry that my words are inadequate to describe both the quality of experience, the quality of the fishing and the quality of the fish. Since this is our first and maybe only Alaska trip one could surmize that we were overcome by the newness and uniqueness of Alaska, but I do not know how the trip could have been any better. Our only regret was having to leave the fishing and experience provided my Mother Nature, Alaska and Alaska West .
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