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  • Ron Ebanks, Charters - Charterboat Headquarters
    Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman
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    Based on previous reports, I wasn't expecting much. I was pleasantly surprised to find a good number of tailing fish - my nine-year-old son caught a nice 10 pound bone on squid. I had many follow but the fish would not take the fly. Flats on south side of island relatively easy to spot from the road. Did not see tailing fish on North side flats toward Rum Point, but did see fish. Wind made them hard to see. My son caught a nice 36 inch 12 pound cuda on squid after wire added to his line.

    Fished the canals (second right past Yacht Drive Seven Mile Beach area) and caught a number of baby tarpon. Generally small. 15-24 inches, but did not spend a great deal of time here. Great fun though.

    Saw the flats at Head of Barkers - looked productive, but did not have gear with me and the tide was very low.
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