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  • Abaco FlyFish Connection
    Bahamas, Abaco
  • Condition of Equipment:
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  • Highlights of the Trip:
    Rick is a very experienced guide with 30 years experience in the area. Good sense of humor. The weather conditions were difficult - 70 degree weather with 25 mile an hour winds. I really appreciated Rick letting me know that the conditions would be difficult at best and offering to refund my money and skip the trip. He did say we would see bonefish and maybe have some shots at them. It was my only day to fish on a family vacation, so off we went. We had numerous shots at big bonefish singles and doubles during the morning. I only had three bites on the fly and landed one eight pound bonefish. Had my casting skills been greater, I might have been able to catch fish. Rick is one of the few bonefish guides that showed up with all the fishing equipment needed in case the fisherman's equipment was inadequeate. He had flies of his design for the flats we were in. Unfortunately, in addition to the cool weather and wind - the lights went out about 11 am. Not being a bonefish snob. I switched to chasing barracuda and landed three nice ones before Rick offered to make it a half day charter. As I said, I was on a family vacation so I took him up on it. I would gladly fish with Rick Sawyer again.
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