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    Mexico, Quintana Roo
  • Condition of Equipment:
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  • Highlights of the Trip:
    All the satisfaction of finding an area with few people, good fishing/food/drink, wonderful accomodations & friendly local people(native & expatriots) that were eager to fill our every need, answer dumb questions asked with very poor Spanish ,etc. thereby assuring that our brief stay was in every way easy & relaxing. -Nuestro Tesoro-private residence(upstairs & downstair unit)- beautiful accomodations/all amenities-50'manicured grass lawn leading to 75-90'of gorgeous sand-leading to 150' of shallow/blue Caribbean. then 400 yds. out to barrier reef with all kinds of coral heads to snorkel around and plenty of a large variety of fish. Great place for non-fishing partner to relax, read, snorkel, walk, kayak, etc. -Making purchases from delivery pickups with side racks that drive the local roads, honk at your doorstep & wait for a few minutes to see if you are going to come out & buy anything. Breads, pastries; fresh fruit, vegetables, fish; sundrys; gasoline(sometimes, for sure if you order it from their prior stop); some canned goods,etc. mini-grocery store on wheels. -Public telephone is about 10 miles up beach fro Xcalak. no one there when we stopped. actually a couple of places have phones/computors they will let you use for a small fee. -Buying gasoline-small house on back street(all streets are sand), there are no signs indicating gasoline for sale, with man sitting in wheel chair sitting under trees. You say, "Buenos dias, senor. Quiero diez litros gasolina, por favor". Don't ask for more liters than this & don't expect change. Have close enough to exact amount plus small tip. He'll call his wife(where have I gone wrong) & she will go somewhere in the back & come out with a 10 liter can 1/2 full. Don't Get Excited!! She is a small woman. She will make 2 trips. -Working out fishing itinerary for myself with valuable insight of Victor Castor Jr, his father Victor Castor Sr.(the head guide at Costa de Costos who guided me 1 & 1/2 days) and his very capable guides, Alejandro & Nato, with whom I fished with one long & exciting day. These guys don't know what a eight hour day is. -Catching lots of "bones". -Catching my first snook. Jumping my first tarpon(although a baby, NO, make that an "infant".) -Special happening: we spotted a 5-6lb bonefish in a small lagoon, just behind a sand ridge seperating it from the Bay. Cast but did not get hooked up. Watched this fish lazily swim away from us, circle completely around the lagoon(125 yds long/50 yds wide), with Victor & I wondering if he was actually going to come back into range. He did! Heading right up, parallel to the sandy beach where he had left us standing, getting closer, closer. Couple of casts as he is coming on, no takes. Stll coming closer(25' in 4"-6" of water). Victor kneels down & I follow his lead. The fish is 15' away, closer to shore & still coming directly at us. Victor lays down on his side, facing the water. I do the same. Right side of my head laying on the sand 2-3' from the edge of the water. This fish swims right up to within 4' of the waters edge right in front of our faces. His back/dorsal fin/tail & right eye are out of the water less than 5' from our noses. It grubs about a bit and turns at right angles to the waters edge & lazily moves away."Cast!" Victor says. The fish is less than 10' away. I cast, actually flopped my leader,(still laying on my side), 2' to the right & ahead of the fish. Don't know why he didn't spook, but he idled over & sucked up the fly & the race was on! For about 20-30 feet! Damn! While laying there watching this crazy fish swim right up our noses, I was concerned about the loops of line laying one the sand, partially under myself & Victor. So while this fish was closing, 20' to 5' I was carefully winding loops back onto my reel. Wound up with about 12'leader & same amount of line out of reel & only leader & a foot of line out of rod tip. Drag of course was set for normal hookup. Fish made it 20'.......what can I say? Not many f
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