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  • Different of Abaco
    Bahamas, Abaco
  • Condition of Equipment:
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    This was my sixth annual trip to Different of Abaco. The lodge has exclusive use of the only access channel to the marls in a 35 mile stretch of beautiful bonefish water south of Marsh Harbor. In five days of fishing we saw only one other boat. The bonefish numbers have rebounded very well from the hurricane damage in 2004. Ninety percent of our fish were in the three to six pound class. Because of the low fishing pressure the fish are very "inexperienced" and will readily go for the usual gotchas, etc. Under favorable sunshine, experienced anglers can expect to get twenty or more per boat per day.
    The marls are too soft to wade, although I am told that in October and November the fish are moving to deep water and you can get them by wading near sandy shores. The accommodations are pleasant and right on a mile-long beach with great wading. The bonefish are scarcer on this east side of the island but I did get one in an hour of wading before sunset.
    The lodge has four long-time guides that have inhuman eyes and seem to know every square inch of the fifty square mile fishing area. This is a great destination for anglers of all skill levels.
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