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  • Chris King
    United States, California
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    Often, we are tempted to go to very exotic locations, or at least distant reaches, to search for large fighting fish. I certainly am no exception to this temptation and have fished Alaska, British Columbia, Chile, Montana, Oregon, Maine, Tennessee, North Carolina, Colorado, Washington and Oregon for trout. I enjoy all kinds of techniques, but love dry fly fishing best. I had discussed this with Chris King earlier this year and he suggested we work the lower Sac during "dry" season.

    This is a unique opportunity to go after good sized rainbows on the Sacramento River with dry flies. Part of the beauty of the experience is that most guides are taking their clients out much earlier (8 or 9 am) and end their days just as the evening hatch is taking place so if you like fishing dries (as I do), and are willing to stay out until nearly dark, then you pretty much have the river to yourself. In addition, at dusk it starts to cool off and is a lot more comfortable.

    Chris King, is an uncommon guide, in my experience. He is very knowledgeable about the river and puts you on fish when others struggle. He is a patient coach and very helpful in suggestions for improving your technique, either in casting or keeping the fly in the drift longer. He is a consummate professional and I can't imagine anyone not enjoying a day or two on the river with Chris, whether they are a beginner or highly experienced. I have fished the Sac with many guides. In my estimation, only one other guide is in the same class as Chris and he doesn't guide any longer.
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