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  • Grand Bahamas Bonefishing
    Bahamas, Grand Bahamas Island
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    In your August newsletter, in the "Briefly noted" section, there was an article on a new lodge being developed on the western tip of Little Abaco by William Paterson, Jr. and William Pinder. The article stated that David Pinder would be the head guide. My fishing partner Joe Ainsworth and I fished with David 11/22 - 11/27. David informed us he has no knowledge of the new lodge and no desire or plans to become head guide in the new lodge. I consider David Pinder to be the best guide in the Bahamas. In the 6 days we fished, we had 3 bad weather days, winds 20-25 knots and the tides were high at the premium part of the day. We still boated 72 bonefish averaging 3-4 pounds. On previous trips when at high tide the fish were in the mangroves my partner and I had discussed with David the idea of throwing rocks into the mangroves to move the bonefish out and into casting range. The technique worked every time we tried it. The key is to throw the rock past the fish and spook them out toward the boat. We caught 5-6 fish using this technique. I have never read or heard of anyone using this technique, but it works. The key is to have someone on the boat who can throw a baseball sized rock 30-40 yards.
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