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  • Colorado Trout Hunters
    United States, Colorado
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    Rowdy Sluga and I were the first anglers of the ‘06 season to fish a lake at about 9000 feet on Sheephorn Ranch with Tad Howard from Colorado Trout Hunters ( In a word, the day was epic. We caught over 100 fish, including several monster brook trout which qualified both Rowdy and I for our first Colorado Master Angler awards. The fishing was so prolific that we lost track of how many doubles we had. We spent most of the day on the east side of the lake, enjoying a majestic view of the Rocky Mountains. Most of our catches were on casts of less than twenty feet. Some of the streamer opportunities on the west side of the lake favored longer casts, but there was plenty of action for anglers of all abilities. The fish were definitely hungry and the winter ice seemed to have helped them forget how to differentiate our flies from real bugs. That notwithstanding, I attribute the majority of our success to Tad’s effectiveness reading the afternoon hatch. The fish were consistently breaking the surface, which I read as surface feeding. It turned out, however, that they were eating coranamids about a foot under the surface. The tell-tale sign for this was the force with which they were breaking the water. As it turns out, fish that are eating on the surface “sip” flies; hungry fish that are feeding sub-surface displace a lot more water when they ambush bugs just under the surface.
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