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  • Ole Creek Lodge - AK
    United States, Alaska
  • Condition of Equipment:
  • Quality of Accommodation:
  • Quality of Food:
  • General Fishing Knowledge:
  • Quality of Service:
  • Highlights of the Trip:
    That feeling of knowing one is in a pristine area fighting one of the best fish in the world. Enjoying the company of seasoned professional guides who know what they are doing and are happy to help you catch all you can. Not enough can be said about the quality of these guys, and there are plenty of them to help. Marge's cooking is excellent. They may not be gourmet with fine wines and fancy accoutrements, but they are surely wholesome, delicious and satisfying. No worry of indigestion on this trip. Marge puts together phenomenal meals and provides an excellent conversation, too. The beds are standard sized and comfortable. The rooms are all very clean, airy, and warm, with showers and toilet. It is simply good. While this place is not a luxury resort, it is far nicer than other places I've stayed in Alaska, and I have no qualms about recommending to others.
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