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  • Avenue Garden Inn
    United States, Louisiana
  • Condition of Equipment:
  • Quality of Accommodation:
  • Quality of Food:
  • General Fishing Knowledge:
  • Quality of Service:
  • Highlights of the Trip:
    Fishing for Louiana redfish. They have to be the most agreeable fish to fish for. They are not schizophrenic like permit, choosy on what they eat like large bonefish, or not inclined to eat like Florida tarpon. I believe they will eat any fly, any time of day, that is placed in front of them that has the right action on it. Capt. Carter says the redfish make fly tiers look good since most any pattern will work. They don't seem to be tide dependent, but they are easier to see in low tides. They are not slam dunks, since I wasted too many opportunities for a hookup to say that, but they do come to play if given the chance. Hook up and hold on - a 45 pound black drum will still pull line off a drag that was firmly set on my Tibor reel.
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