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  • North Platte Lodge
    United States, Wyoming
  • Condition of Equipment:
  • Quality of Accommodation:
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  • Highlights of the Trip:
    One is literally into fish from the first run next to the put in, to the last run before the take out. The fish are extremely healthy and heavy fish. You will catch fish after fish 18" long with several over 20" during the day. All fish fight hard and make you work because they are heavy for their length. Fishing with Ryan Hemkens is always a pleasure as we have been privileged to do many times. It doesn't matter whether I am fishing with my wife or one of our college sons, Ryan makes sure we fish a full day and are into fish. He is constantly changing the fly, the depth of the indicator, the position of the boat in order to maximize our fishing. The North Platte in this location has a lot of runs with back eddies. Ryan is always willing to back row an eddy to give us multiple trips through a productive run or seam. Ryan wants you to catch fish and is very focused on that. He wants to even minimize the time spent eating lunch so we can catch more fish. This is fine with us. We are there to fish; we can eat later. Ryan is extremely knowledge about the entomology of the river with a degree in that area, which not only makes the fishing more successful but also interesting. Being April there were large numbers of rainbows spawning throughout the river, but Ryan insisted that we not fish the spawning beds, which we appreciated. There were more than enough fish which either had already spawned or were in pre spawn. There would never be a need to fish a bed in order to catch fish.
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