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  • Aniak River Lodge
    United States, Alaska
  • Condition of Equipment:
  • Quality of Accommodation:
  • Quality of Food:
  • General Fishing Knowledge:
  • Quality of Service:
  • Highlights of the Trip:
    First, Guy Schoenborn ( hosted this trip and guided every day. His knowledge of the river plus his many years of experience on the Aniak is extraordinary. He is a first rate professional fly fishing guide and went out of his way to make sure my 73 year old father had a safe/comfortable experience. My dad and I would fish with him again--anywhere his company offers trips.
    Second,there were only four clients in camp. The other four that were supposed to join us had a mix up in dates and arrived when we were departing. So each day we split the river in half with one pair heading up river and the other twosome fishing down. So my dad and I had our section of river all to ourselves. Keep in mind that Aniak River Lodge is the only permanent outfitter on the river. We saw two raft groups pass by quickly and the only other folk out there were a few local moose hunters.
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