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  • River of Life Farm
    United States, Missouri
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    Having a severe case of cabin fever, it was time to go trout fishing. Having made several trips to the tail waters of the White and Norfork Rivers in Arkansas, and having weathered another Nebraska winter, my friend Greg and I were fired up and ready to catch some fish. Now there is always something to be said for catching a lot of "“bows"and the thought of the big “browns” in those two rivers is always exciting but I was looking for something in the area that was a little different from the tail water scene. And thanks to Brian we found it. The North Fork of the White is a freestone river that has not been stocked with rainbows since 1964. They are wild and lovely fish. The fishing is a little more technical but with some experience or one of the guides or both it is certainly do-able. As far as fish and numbers, we had Rusty to do 2 ½ days of float fishing. Day one we figured we hooked up to about 19 or 22 times between the two of us. We really don't count and we definitely didn’t boat them all. They ranged from 8-14 inches. The second full day the numbers went down just a little, but the average size went up. Several fish in the 12-17 inch range. Boated most with Rusty’s patient coaching. The highlight of the day took place that afternoon. In fast current and rock water, I hooked what I instantly knew was a good fish. Hooked him on a #14 Hares Ear dropper on 6x tippet. The big Bow used the current well. We tried to get to some slack current but with the rocks and the fish holding strong we fought him were we stood. Got him close several times but with the water fast and deep we didn’t quite close the deal. We all had several good looks at him and all agreed on the plus side of 20 inches. After a timed 15 minute fight in heavy current the hook finally pulled. After a length of time I heard Rusty say, “I know right now is kidda bittersweet, but Gary that was freaking epic!” and you know, that should be enough for anyone. The last ½ day was sunny and windy. Not much going on but we took a few small fish and Rusty continue to work hard for us. More specific information on the river is available in the book, TU’s Guide to America’s 100 best trout streams. The websites provided along with the phone numbers should answer any specific question ns you may have if you decide to go. Rusty, Brian, Myron, and Ann are great people and will be more than helpful in answering any questions. If you decide to go to Dora to eat supper, head on in to “Roys Store”. It doesn’t look like much, but you’ll be amazed at the size of the menus and the great quality and quantity of the food. But if you’re looking for heart healthy, BEWARE!
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